Tomas Skaringa.jpg

  My name is Tomas Skaringa. I’m Lithuanian, but now I live in Los Angeles, California. When I was a kid, my grandpa had a Polaroid camera, which reminded me of a tank. One day, while playing with it, I accidentally broke it. Of course, my grandpa wasn’t very happy about it. 

   During my senior school years I had a Kodak film camera around me taking pictures of girls, cats and dogs, and everything else, which got my attention.  It was my little hobby that I enjoyed so much. My final decision to become a professional photographer came from my girlfriend, who has been a model since her childhood. I loved watching her being photographed and was jealous that I couldn’t take that gorgeous picture of her. Today, the same girl is my wife and we work together on different projects. She is my inspiration and gives the best critique on my work.

Photography is my calling, passion and a way to express my vision and feelings. In my photos I seek for a composition, the mood, dimension and energy. Believing that perfection is possible, I strive to bring it out of every picture. My ultimate goal is to develop stories and portrait the beauty that lies within the subject and show it to the world.