Blooming Autumn Flower

"Blooming Autumn Flower" a portrait of my beautiful wife Agne Skaringa welcoming Autumn. I always love taking photos of her and having fun together!

Makeup by Beauty Affair Hair by Anjeza Dixon
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Blooming Autumn Flower - Portrait of Agne Skaringa

Jewelry Add Campaign

I so excited that our fashion beauty jewelry add campaign is published at Vanichi Magazine.

Agne Skaringa created goddess look for Hilary Anderson by giving a glow to her skin, creating sexy smokey eyes and bombshell waves.

Thank you for all the team!

Photographer : Tomas Skaringa ( )

Makeup and hair : Agne ( Beauty Affair )

Jewelry : Agne Skaringa . Unlimited Sky Collection available at

Model : Hilary Anderson

Agne Skaringa jewelry magazine Beauty Affair makeup and hair  Tomas Skaringa photography sun pendant vintage.jpg
Agne Skaringa jewelry magazine Beauty Affair makeup and hair  Tomas Skaringa photography.jpg

Fashion Beauty Editorial

I am very excited to share our work that has been published at Elegant Magazine for fashion beauty story together with other talented photographers. Special thanks to my wife, Agne Skaringa ( - la makeup artist ), for such a beautiful work on hair and makeup. And thank you Kaylen Dao for being so beautiful and working with us. Here are the tear sheets from the magazine.

Kaylen Dao beauty editorial - la beauty photographer001.jpg
Kaylen Dao beauty editorial - la beauty photographer002.jpg
Kaylen Dao beauty editorial - la beauty photographer003.jpg
Kaylen Dao beauty editorial - la beauty photographer005.jpg
Kaylen Dao beauty editorial - la beauty photographer006.jpg
Kaylen Dao beauty editorial - la beauty photographer007.jpg
Kaylen Dao beauty editorial - la beauty photographer008.jpg
Kaylen Dao beauty editorial - la beauty photographer004.jpg

Agne Skaringa Jewelry Shoot

Recently I had an opportunity to work with gorgeous and glamorous model Hillary Anderson. This shoot was dedicated for Agne Skaringa's beautiful jewelry. Her one of the kind latest collection that she created was inspired by objects in the sky, such as : The Sun, The Moon, Meteorite, Start and others. Loved working with such creative and talented people and putting out quality work !

Hillary Anderson 02
Hillary Anderson 01
Hillary Anderson 03
Hillary Anderson 04
Hillary Anderson 05
Hillary Anderson 06
Hillary Anderson 07
Hillary Anderson 08
Hillary Anderson 09
Hillary Anderson 10
Hillary Anderson 11
Hillary Anderson 12
Hillary Anderson 13
Hillary Anderson 14

Headshot Session With Ashely Brown

Today I had an opportunity working with beautiful actress from London, Ashley Born. Ashley is a very vibrant and friendly personality. I loved working with her and capturing beautiful pictures, which will hopefully help her acting career. I can't wait to share the final images of her headshots !

Special thanks for my beautiful wife Agne for doing such an amazing job and Ashley's hair & Makeup.

Ashley Brown LA headshots.png

Adam Scott Young - The Rock Star

Meet   Adam Scott Young - The Rock Star

Adam Scott Young - The Rock Star 01.jpg

Adam was cloned in an underground Soviet Laboratory, buried deep in the forested mountains of Siberia, on March 5th, 1982.  Raised in a hyperbaric gravity chamber largely powered by energy divulged from a nuclear power plant, Adam was reared exclusively within the edicts and principles of the ancient martial art of Kalaripayattu.  By the age of 14 months, when his genetically-enhanced body rested for precious few hours a night, desperate Soviet scientists enthralled his young mind with water torture, the musical stylings of John Coltrane, and endless re-runs of the American television series "MacGuyver".  Years later, it has been privately admitted by high-ranking Soviet officials that Adam was the Kremlin's intended answer to the quickly escalating American Cold War threat.

Adam Scott Young - The Rock Star 08.jpg

Unfortunately for his would-be masters, Adam was erroneously infected, via his nightly MacGuyver re-runs, with a deep love for hybrid household-item-based weaponry, fisticuffs, and …. freedom.  On a cold April night, at the age of 4 years 1 month and 21 days, young Adam used a discarded pack of bubblegum, a hand vacuum, and an old Bunsen burner to systematically eliminate his captors and the battalion of Spetsnaz soldiers stationed at the lab.  Adam subsequently destroyed their underground research facility, that it would never be used again for evil.  The resulting explosion, and the long-term environmental catastrophe it caused, is now commonly referred to as the Ukranian “Chernobyl” disaster.

Adam Scott Young - The Rock Star 05.jpg

It is believed that, for most of his formative years, Adam wandered the world alone.  Since he only speaks of his past to the media during solar eclipses, the entirety of his journey is relatively unknown and piecemeal.  On September 17th, 1992, he was spotted by tourists playing a hand-made lute for pesos near a busy section of downtown Montevideo, Uruguay.  A few years later, he was documented as having become the first teenager to cross the English Channel to France, in a total elapsed time of 9 hours 37 minutes, using only the “doggy paddle” swimming technique.  Recently, it is a loosely kept secret that Adam was the inspiration and true ghost-writer of the popular “DaVinci Code” series of novels.

Adam Scott Young - The Rock Star 06.jpg

Currently, Adam Scott Young works in Film and Television and resides in Los Angeles with his wife, Lithanian-born singer Evelina, and his Great Dane Luna.  He is known to enjoy neo-expressionistic painting, handball, and an occasional glass of bourbon. 

Adam Scott Young - The Rock Star 07.jpg

LA headshot photographer - Tomas Skaringa

Last week, I had an opportunity to work with beautiful and aspired actress Ashley Cho.
 It was a gorgeous Saturday and we had lot of fun together. Ashley is a very vibrant and lovely girl. She is currently purssuing her career in commercials. I have no doubts that with her great attitude and beautiful smile she will be able to achieve her dream.

Special thanks to Agne Skaringa for doing a beautiful job on makeup

Ashley Cho

Ashley Cho

Ashley Cho

Ashley Cho

Wicked !

One of our creative projects has been finally published! This projects is featured on Dark Beauty magazine Special Halloween "Wicked Fun" edition and available to obtain on print at and PDF at 

Projects participants : 

Makeup/Hair : Agne Skaringa      Model : Zara Adams


Beauty Photographer Tomas Skaringa - Wicked 1.jpg
Beauty Photographer Tomas Skaringa - Wicked 2.jpg
Beauty Photographer Tomas Skaringa - Wicked 3.jpg
Beauty Photographer Tomas Skaringa - Wicked 4.jpg
Beauty Photographer Tomas Skaringa - Wicked 5.jpg

Rain Petal

While visiting our home country, Lithuania,  my dear wife and I had chance to work with talented, beautiful and friendly girl, Justina Semaskaite.

We schedule a shoot few days right before we left back to Los Angeles. Weather was unpredictable. It was cloudy and raining, but at least warm. First thoughts – cancel the shoot. However, lucky for us Justina was brave enough and bad weather conditions didn’t scare her to get wet.

Website is now live !

Thank you everybody for your patience. I finally gathered necessary content together and finished updating my photography website. Please stay tuned !  A lot amazing projects coming soon :)