Adam Scott Young - The Rock Star

Meet   Adam Scott Young - The Rock Star

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Adam was cloned in an underground Soviet Laboratory, buried deep in the forested mountains of Siberia, on March 5th, 1982.  Raised in a hyperbaric gravity chamber largely powered by energy divulged from a nuclear power plant, Adam was reared exclusively within the edicts and principles of the ancient martial art of Kalaripayattu.  By the age of 14 months, when his genetically-enhanced body rested for precious few hours a night, desperate Soviet scientists enthralled his young mind with water torture, the musical stylings of John Coltrane, and endless re-runs of the American television series "MacGuyver".  Years later, it has been privately admitted by high-ranking Soviet officials that Adam was the Kremlin's intended answer to the quickly escalating American Cold War threat.

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Unfortunately for his would-be masters, Adam was erroneously infected, via his nightly MacGuyver re-runs, with a deep love for hybrid household-item-based weaponry, fisticuffs, and …. freedom.  On a cold April night, at the age of 4 years 1 month and 21 days, young Adam used a discarded pack of bubblegum, a hand vacuum, and an old Bunsen burner to systematically eliminate his captors and the battalion of Spetsnaz soldiers stationed at the lab.  Adam subsequently destroyed their underground research facility, that it would never be used again for evil.  The resulting explosion, and the long-term environmental catastrophe it caused, is now commonly referred to as the Ukranian “Chernobyl” disaster.

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It is believed that, for most of his formative years, Adam wandered the world alone.  Since he only speaks of his past to the media during solar eclipses, the entirety of his journey is relatively unknown and piecemeal.  On September 17th, 1992, he was spotted by tourists playing a hand-made lute for pesos near a busy section of downtown Montevideo, Uruguay.  A few years later, he was documented as having become the first teenager to cross the English Channel to France, in a total elapsed time of 9 hours 37 minutes, using only the “doggy paddle” swimming technique.  Recently, it is a loosely kept secret that Adam was the inspiration and true ghost-writer of the popular “DaVinci Code” series of novels.

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Currently, Adam Scott Young works in Film and Television and resides in Los Angeles with his wife, Lithanian-born singer Evelina, and his Great Dane Luna.  He is known to enjoy neo-expressionistic painting, handball, and an occasional glass of bourbon. 

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